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Our hens are truly free range

Happy hens lay tasty eggs

We rear our hens here on the farm

Really fresh eggs

You can buy Penbugle Organic Farm eggs every day

Meet the friendly, inquisitive hens at Penbugle Organic Farm

When it comes to the age old, ‘which came first the chicken or the egg’ question, we can tell you that at Penbugle, both come first! The egg might be little, but it packs a punch in terms of protein and goodness and still remains an affordable and versatile ‘fast food’ product. We have four flocks of hens, kept in mobile free-range sheds, and with access to hectares of pasture to do all the things chickens like doing: having dust baths, scratching, pecking, gossiping... and of course, laying beautiful organic eggs. Unusually, we rear all our own chickens, which is much more labour intensive, but which we believe is ultimately much less stressful for the chicken. Once again, organic accreditation ensures the best quality, and the best welfare standards and one look at our bright-eyed girls with their firm, red combs (the funny bit on top of their heads!) proves just how full of beans they are. We have and do supply to health food shops around Cornwall, River Cottage, Cornwall 15, local restaurants, farm shops, delis and high end supermarkets. We sell at our local Trerulefoot Local Produce Market, and from our farm gate.

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Penbugle Organic Farm was an organic awards finalist in 2014 
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