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Why organic?

  • Penbugle Organic Fam wigwam glamping holidays
  • Penbugle Organic Fam wigwam glamping holidays
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Organic food is food grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilisers, and organic farming includes feeding animals on organic feed which is GM-free (Genetically Modified). We believe this feed is less harmful to the environment and better for the animal. It is strictly regulated to ensure the highest standards, and consumer trust in the food and crops that are produced.

Farming organically is more expensive, and labour intensive, which is why prices can be slightly higher. People have become very used to eating what they want, when they want it (including out of season) and in particular, getting food – especially meat – for an unrealistically low price. As organic farmers we believe animals are entitled to space, fresh air, comfort, quality food, clean water, enrichment activities and to be treated with respect. We also believe in slower animal growth without the routine use of veterinary drugs. This may sound strange when you consider most of our animals are being reared for food, but while they are here, they live in a way that most suits their needs and we think ultimately, you can taste this quality in the meat we produce.

There is much debate around organic vs. non-organic, specifically: is it better for you, and does it taste better? We think this debate will go on for a long time, certainly more research needs to be done, and we fully support people’s right to make their own choices when it comes to the food they buy for them and their families. All we can tell you is that our family believe that, at the very least, it tastes better. Not to mention all the other benefits to the environment and the animal. We also treat our animals homoeopathically, because we cannot use antibiotics as freely as conventional farms so our meat and eggs are ‘Free From’. This also means that if and when needed, our animals react more positively to more serious treatments.

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