Glamping Plans

When we ‘celebrated’ the New Year back in January 2020, the year that followed was like no other, ‘thanks’ to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Here at Penbugle, we decided to close our glamping and camping for the whole of the 2020 season.

We didn’t take this decision lightly.

It was a decision that we had to make for our own safety and well-being, and of course in the early days of the Pandemic, none of us really knew how it was going to, well, ‘pan’ out.

Yet, we were not resting on our laurels, far from it.

Here at our organic working farm, we ‘hatched’ a plan that we hoped would ensure our glamping business would open again in the near future.

Spring 2021

Like many of us, we were massively restricted by the third lockdown announced in early January 2021.

Of course, parts of our business kept going: the rearing of our livestock and our egg production continued.

Yet our glamping and camping site had already been closed for 12 months.

What did the future hold?Back in 2020, once the restrictions were lifted and businesses could start cranking up again, we had already got plans in place for our brand-new toilet and shower facility.

After burning the midnight oil in terms of plans, measurements and getting in the builders who could complete the task in hand, we firmed up the plans for eight showers and eight toilets/washbasins, one for each of our Big Chief cabins.

Work began and the new glamping season was fast approaching …

Summer 2021

Like many other things, the progress of the build was slower than we’d hoped.

Lots of aspects proved to be a challenge, yet we hung in there.

And the finished product was amazing, even if we say so ourselves!

We knew deep down that our lovely peaceful site, small though it is compared to others, would not be a match for those with access to private facilities.

It was a gamble and we knew it was.

Yet once we announced we were open again in June, bookings started to come in and we had so many positive comments about the facilities, it made all the hard work totally worth it.

Yes, we’ve had to ‘up’ the cleaning schedules, but to be honest most of our guests were extremely respectful of the cleanliness expected of them.

There Were Some Big Changes …

As with many aspects of our lives, there have been some permanent changes to our peaceful little glamping site in South East Cornwall.

We didn’t put up the Bell Tents in 2021, and we won’t be erecting them in 2022.

The reasons for this decision are numerous: one is that they don’t have access to the private facilities which are meant for the Big Chief cabin occupants in the main.

Also, and anyone who has a Bell Tent as part of their glamping portfolio knows, putting them up and dropping them again at the end of the season involves lot of hard work.

Keeping them clean during the winter period also has its challenges.

Our campsite is also closed for the time being.

Our old communal cooking facilities are ‘no more’ so this would be challenge for some campers.

Our guests staying in our cabins have access to their firepits and also have access to a toaster, small microwave, fridge and kettle, so our glamping accommodation will be our eight Big Chief cabins for the foreseeable future.

How Busy Was Cornwall in 2021?

It is safe to say, and we know other parts of the UK experienced something similar, this was one of the busiest summers ever for our county.

Of course, this had in impact on local infrastructure, which can’t be avoided.

However, the busy summer meant local businesses that struggled to keep going had a fighting chance of survival and were able to make some money during the peak season.

What About 2022?

We are set to open our cabins again for Easter 2022.

Bookings are now being taken

The Pandemic, as we know, is far from over.

We’re currently in the throes of the Omicron variant; although the boosters are now being injected into as many arms as possible.

We will need to learn to live with virus; we all need to take care, be responsible, and be mindful of those that are vulnerable or at risk.

All that said, we are looking forward to summer 2022.

We have learned, like so many of us, not to take anything for granted.

Our family is even more important to us, and as one of our daughters got married in September 2021, we were able to celebrate safely.

And we’ve just welcomed our first grandchild into the world, so we’ve been very blessed.

Penbugle Organic Farm Glamping also celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2022 … watch this space!

Why Not Come and Join Us in 2022?  Don’t be a stranger!

Why not join us here on our working organic farm, stay in one of our heated, insulated and spacious cabins, and have exclusive access to your own toilet and shower facilities?

You can relax and recharge your batteries in our peaceful pastures.

If you’ve been cautious in 2021, then 2022 could be the year you have that well-earned, safe staycation!

Have a holiday with us in 2022 and we guarantee you’ll leave chilled and feeling like you’ve had a real break away from it all.