Ten Years at Penbugle Organic Farm Glamping!

No, we can’t believe it either! The year 2022 marks our tenth anniversary of Penbugle Organic Farm Glamping.

Things have changed a great deal in that time.

We’ve become grandparents, seen the world change due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and our glamping site has undergone big changes.

Here’s our top ten highlights of our first decade at ‘Tenbugle’!

Big Chief

1: Back to the Future – 2012


The year of the London Olympics was also the year we diversified our organic working farm into the world of glamping!

We opened in August 2012 and we proudly welcomed our very first guests to our Big Chief Wigwam® Cabins, our bell tents and to our small campsite.

We also had a facilities block providing toilets, showers and a communal kitchen for our guests.

2: Why Did We Diversify?

Well before Brexit and other challenges, farming was something we loved but which didn’t always pay well.

There were other challenges, such as Bovine TB and falling crop prices.

We knew we had to gain another source of income and glamping seemed the obvious choice.

We still had our organic livestock and our organic egg business running alongside Wigwam® Holidays Penbugle.

3: Why Big Chief Cabins?

Our cabins are made here in the UK by Wigwam® Holidays, the glamping brand which is based in Scotland.

We loved the quality of the cabins, which are built using sustainable timber, are fully insulated with heating, lighting, Velux® windows, comfy mattresses, and a secure lockable door.

Back in 2012, the glamping industry was about to hit a peak and these new cabins helped get our glamping reputation off the ground.


4: What Are Your USPs?

Our unique selling points are the fact we are in a stunning part of Cornwall.

We are an organic farm.

Our location is very peaceful.

We have a car-free glamping area.

We also introduced the fun and exciting idea of using wheelbarrows to transport luggage from car to cabin!


5: Site Developments

Duchy Canine

Over the decade, we gradually built our reputation, and consolidated our glamping business.

We developed the Create Studio side of our business, which allowed guests to make pottery.

While this part of the business is currently on hold, one of our children, Steph, opened her own business, Duchy Canine Hydrotherapy in 2019, which has its state-of-the-art premises close to our glamping site.

Then of course we were all affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic from early 2020 onwards!

This was a very difficult time for the tourism industry and we decided that, for the safety of our staff and our business, to close our glamping site for 2020.

We focused instead on our farm and our egg business.

Then towards the end of 2020, we knew that our glamping business would need to open again.

We also understood that expectations of most glampers had changed.

We invested in our brand-new facilities block which included a private toilet, shower and wash up area for each of our eight cabins.

We did not erect our bell tents in 2021 nor are we doing so in 2022.

Our campsite also remains closed so our current glamping offering is our little ‘village’ of eight cabins.

6: Awards

We’ve been very lucky and we’ve been given several awards over the year, both for our glamping business and for our eggs ‘enterprise!’

Our glamping awards include the South West England Tourism Excellence Awards (Commended); the Cornwall Tourism Awards Gold Award; Pitch Up Review Awards Winner; and we’ve been awarded a Taste of West Gold award for our eggs.

7: Passing the Duchy


Our glamping site and farm nestles within the Duchy of Cornwall Estate which has HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales at the helm.

The year 2022 is another important year for HRH The Queen, who celebrates 70 years as our monarch!

We’ve got a bit of a way to go, then …!

8: Our Digital Developments

We have kept up with the times and have our website, glamping listings, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and we post and blog regularly.


9: What Will the Future Bring?

If only we had a crystal ball! We are looking forward to this year’s glamping season which, if it is going to be similar to 2021’s season, it is going to be busy.

We do have various ideas for Penbugle, yet we’ll always keep the core of our business the same; family run, organic, peaceful and without pomp and circumstance.


10: When do you open and how can I book?

We are open for the summer for your glamping holiday