Foraging for Food

Autumn is a season of plentifulness and there’s lots of free foods out there!

However, proceed with caution! As with all forays into forging, folks require training and tuition to avoid partaking of something poisonous. Basically, if in doubt, leave it out!

There are also the laws of trespass, theft and conservation to consider … confused?

The best way to become a survivalist and confident with the free food that’s out there, book onto a course or two for the basics.

There are some well-known plants and seeds that we many of us would recognise … nettles, burdock, thistles, hazels and daisies. However even with these it’s wise to be totally sure you know what you’re picking and ensure you carry out a number of tests before you consume them.

And of course we’re all aware of the fungi conundrum. There are some very dangerous species out there and proper guidance is essential.

If you fancy getting out into the great outdoors and gather in the mellow fruitfulness, then book yourself onto a wild food course. There are several options throughout Cornwall, including  Cornish Wild Food.