Penbugle Wigwam® Cabins

If you think of a wigwam, you maybe think of a tipi … if you’ve stayed with us at Penbugle, then you know this isn’t always the case!

Here at Penbugle Organic Farm, we have a Big Chief Wigwam® Cabins ‘village’.

And they have quite a history!

What is a Wigwam® Cabin?

Cast your mind back, if you can, to 1989.

It was the year the Berlin Wall fell.

It was the year of Tiananmen Square.

And the year the timber tent was first thought up by the founder of Wigwam® Holidays, Charles Gulland.

The first prototypes were pyramid-shaped and were put to the test in their native Scotland.

The term wigwam refers to a ‘domed dwelling’ in Native Indian culture, so taking this idea on board, the first cabin designs were called Wee Braves and Big Chiefs.

These names also reflected the ethos of Wigwam® Holidays, which celebrates great holidays in the great outdoors.

How are they made?

The Wigwam® Cabins are made in Perth, Scotland and they are hand crafted by skilled joiners using sustainable timber.

When a site orders a cabin, they are constructed as a whole and are transported by a low loader and crane to the site’s location … it is quite a sight to see as they trundle up the driveway, all the way from Scotland!

 How long do they last?

Some of the first sites in Scotland still have the very first types of cabin, nearly 20 years after they were made! This is testament to how well they’re constructed.

What do they include?

The original Big Chief Wigwam® Cabins are true to the roots of the Wigwam® Brand. They’re fully insulated, fully heated with a lockable door, windows and comfy mattresses. They also have some built-in storage and power sockets.

We provide toaster, kettle and fridge in ours, too, along with electricity.

Are they comfy?

Yes! And spacious. You can fit a family of five inside.

What about toilets, showers and parking?

Here at Penbugle Organic Farm has kept our site peaceful, natural and spacious as possible and we have a toilet and shower block, washing up area and information point all within special buildings in the glamping area.

The glamping fields are also car-free, with a designated car parking space just a short distance away from the cabins.  The fun starts the moment you arrive as the luggage can be transported in wheelbarrows!

Are they affordable?

Our prices at Penbugle are fair and affordable. We know that family holidays are very important and they should be within everyone’s reach financially.

Our site is part of a working organic farm and offers a peaceful location to enjoy a fabulous Cornish holiday.

So do you glamp or camp?

The choice is yours … however we do feel our Big Chief Cabins are a fun and comfy alternative to camping or by the same token, provide accommodation for those who maybe don’t want to pitch a tent just yet!