It’s all ‘hen’ and no notion! One of life’s great, unanswered questions is, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” This will probably never be fully answered, yet when you have your tasty egg for breakfast, have you ever wondered how it got there?

Here at Penbugle Organic Farm, our hens are our lovely ‘girls’ who produce some of the tastiest, yummiest eggs around. Our hens just love to gossip and peck about all day, trying to put the feathered world to rights.

They have the freedom to wander about and cluck to their heart’s content!

Yet our lovely ladies have a purpose. They have an egg that grows inside them, which is then laid by our broody girls.  A hen will then sit on her freshly laid egg to keep it warm for a little while.

But in answer to the question: “So, what came first … the chicken or the egg?” we can offer a Penbugle answer – it’s definitely the chicken!

Our cheeky chucks arrive here at Penbugle on the day they hatch and we look after them until their laying age (about 16 weeks) in our specially-designed sheds, which house 2,000 ladies, all under one roof! We keep our sheds nice and clean, making sure our lovely hens have lots of water.

At the end of a hen-stastic day, our lovely ladies are ready for bed so they are refreshed for the next day. Once our hens reach laying age, we then transfer all our ladies by hand to the laying sheds and their fresh, safe range so they can peck and roam about freely.

We keep our beady eye on them several times to day to ensure they’ve settled in and they are fed organic food from day one.

Our special food is certified organic (we’ll be writing another blog about this aspect of Penbugle soon), and our eggs have the coveted Lion symbol.

In order to keep our hens happy and our eggs to our exacting, egg-cellent standards, we are also Defra inspected.

Our chicken care does not stop there, as we carefully collect our lovely brown eggs by hand and they are transferred to a conveyor belt for grading. So if an egg is dirty, cracked or very misshapen, the conveyor belt system sorts these out, leaving only the best quality eggs for our egg-loving customers.

Our trays carry 30 eggs apiece and when they’re all lined up and looking fresh and tasty, we couldn’t be more proud.

As an organic egg producer, we get our own special number, OUK19523, and this guarantees our eggs are free of salmonella, and our egg-buying shoppers can trace their morning or teatime treat right back to us, so they’ve got full access to the provenance of our product.

From Penbugle, our delicious eggs are delivered to local shops, cafes and pubs throughout our lovely county of Cornwall. Before they appear on shop shelves nestling next to other local produce, we go that extra mile and grade our eggs once more, box them and then label them by hand. It’s a real labour of love, which hopefully can be seen and tasted as food lovers tuck into the rich golden yolks of our eggs.

So while we can’t fully answer the age old question about the chicken and the egg, we can tell you our hens are happy and lay eggs that you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch or tea … now, where’s that egg cup?