Penbugle Farm

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

Well, here at Penbugle Organic Farm, it’s both! We’re proud of our organic eggs. But we’re just as proud of our hens. They are both our priority.

We have six flocks of hens, kept in mobile free-range sheds, and with access to hectares of lush pasture to do all the things chickens like doing: having dust baths, scratching, pecking, gossiping … and of course, laying beautiful organic eggs. Unusually, we rear all our own chickens, which is much more labour intensive, but which we believe is ultimately much less stressful for the chicken. Once again, organic accreditation ensures the best quality, and the best welfare standards. You look at our bright-eyed girls with their firm, red combs (the funny bit on top of their heads), proving just how ‘full of beans’ they are.

We supply health food shops around Cornwall, local restaurants, farm shops, delis and one of the ‘high end’ supermarkets. You can buy a little piece of Penbugle from our egg table at our farm gate!

We deliver locally and to the West of Cornwall every Tuesday.

You can contact either by email – or call us 01579 326055

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Falmouth / Helston / St Austell