Eggs of Distinction at Penbugle!

As you know, Penbugle Organic Farm prides itself on producing some of the finest eggs and meat in Cornwall.

And now we’ve been given a Taste of the West Gold Award for our eggs, we feel all our hard work is worth it!


What is Taste of the West?

Taste of the West is the largest independent regional food groups in the UK, established 30 years ago in 1991.

The team work hard to promote and support local food and drink from Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Membership tallies at over 1,000 including cafes, restaurants, farm shops, retailers, producers and more.

Each member is passionate about provenance, and that includes ourselves here at Penbugle Organic Farm.

What does Taste of the West Do?

They support and promote Taste of the West members, helping consolidate the UK’s largest food network.

They also have a consumer website, which includes tasty recipes, events listings, job vacancies, and more.

As well as hosting annual awards, they also issue awards to producers, and we are delighted to say we’ve been awarded ‘gold’ for our delicious eggs!


Our Taste of the West Gold Award

Our golden-yoked eggs, laid by our free-range chucks, have been given the golden thumbs up!

Well done, feathered friends!

We always take great care of our own chickens, giving them plenty of space and shelter.

Our flocks of hens have cover when they need it and access to the outdoors where they can cluck about, have dust baths, peck and gossip all day if they want to!

The aim is for our lovely ladies to produce organic eggs for us humans to consume, which they do.

We collect the eggs ourselves. We also grade the eggs, clean them and box them up ready for delivering to local shops.

We are actually listed for two egg sizes for the Gold Awards: free range extra large eggs, and free range mixed grade eggs.

You can see the full list here:


Organic Eggs … What is the Difference?

Organic egg production is more labour intensive as we rear the hens ourselves (right from being hatchlings) but this is much better for the hen’s well-being.

Their living standards have to be ‘egg-cellent’ and you can tell if they’re happy by their firm red combs on their heads.

They start laying eggs at around 16 weeks, and their living quarters are kept clean and tidy with access to lots of fresh water.


Where Can I Buy Your Eggs?

Please see the list of retailers on our website:

We are Lion symbol certified and have our own organic egg producer number, which is OUK19523, meaning our eggs are free of salmonella, and egg-lovers can trace the provenance right back to us here on our Cornish farm.

Read more about our egg production here:

Read our Happy Chucks blog here: