Cornish Pasty Perhaps Cornwall’s most famous dish! This is a pastry pocket filled with tasty morsels such as diced beef, onion, potato and turnip. The edge of the ‘pocket’ must be crimped too. Tasty and satisfying!

Cornish Yarg With around 60 varieties of cheese produced in the county, Cornish Yarg is perhaps the best known. Cheese lovers have likened it to Caerphilly in terms to flavour, but the distinctive feature is the edible rind, made from dark nettle leaves.

Cream Tea Well, not just found in Cornwall, obviously, but surely an indulgence not to be missed! A freshly baked scone, a smothering of (homemade) jam with a dollop of cream on top. Delicious!

Hevva Cake Sometimes called the Cornish heavy cake, this indulgent dish includes lard, flour, butter, milk, sugar and raisins. With links to the fishing industry, the cake traditionally has a criss-cross pattern on top (symbolic of the fishing nets).

Pilchards An oily fish, sometimes called the Cornish sardine, these silver-scaled creatures have formed a huge part of Cornwall’s heritage, with numerous delightful fishing villages making a living at one time or another from catching them. Great grilled!

Saffron Bun A rich bun including currants and with the distinctive yellow colour that is derived from using the spice saffron. Saffron is most expensive spice in the world and has a distinctive metallic flavour.

Stargazy (or starrey gazey) Pie Could be considered an acquired taste – pilchards, egg and potatoes, covered with a pastry ‘lid’ before being baked to perfection. The pilchard’s heads are supposed to peer out of the pie crush, too.

Now all you need to do is visit us and enjoy these edible delights!

Cornish Pasties